Add a meeting link to the Teams Calendar

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How can I add a meeting to my Teams Calendar?

I have received a meeting on email with a team meetup link, but I want to add it to my Teams Calendar.

The meeting comes from an external so it was not created in the Teams rooms I am part of.


I am using Microsoft Teams on Linux. Have tried Teams in Browser, and the standalone desktop application of Teams.

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Copy the link
Open your Calendar
Open the date and drop the link there
Copy link address
In Teams Calendar. No way to Paste the link.

Am using Microsoft Teams on Linux. I have also tried with Teams in browser. There is no way to drag and drop the link into Teams, nor Copy-Paste it into Teams.
I use am IPhone to do this
Copy the link,
Open your teams calendar
“Add an event”
Open title and drop the link there or alternatively, drop the link on description.
Maybe it is because I use Linux, but this does not work for me.



Please try by opening the Outlook Calender and Just Pasting the link it on the date


I am not sure if you have Outlook in Linux, it worked for me in Windows.

I know it's old topic, but had the same issue, and this is first thing that shows up on Google, so I share a solution.
I'm not using outlook email, so probably it's faster by just forwarding invitation email, and opening it in outlook, which handle it properly. But since I had not this option, here is workaround:
With every invitation email you should get an attached invitation.ics file, if you download it, open outlook calendar in your browser and just drag&drop this file onto it, the event should be imported.
Your reply helped me - I received the meeting invite on my personal email.

Just forward the email with the invite to your Teams email address and it will magically appear in your Teams Calendar all set up.
Thanks, Paul


I am working with Apple Mail. I receive invites from outside my organisation to the same e-mail address that I use for Teams, but I have found no way to get those invites into Teams. Any ideas?

Neither does the invitee ever receive my acceptance of the meetings. It remains on not accepted.

As I am working with Teams in different organisations, each log-in is a nightmare as Teams automatically logs me in into one of the organisations, whether I want it or not...

Teams is great if you work in one organisation and only use Microsoft products. If you don't you are better off with Google Meets.