My Microsoft Teams Notification never dissapeared!

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My Microsoft Teams desktop application notification is driving me insane. Sometimes I try to ignore it but ultimately I end up getting furious about it. I have applied each and every workaround on the internet to resolve that. 
I have uninstalled the teams and re-install it. 

Sign out and Signed-In Again

Clear the cache

Delete all the chats

But it still shows me 1 unread message and when I try to apply filter for unread messages or activities it showed me nothing. Please help me resolve this issue as I am getting paranoid because of this.

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On what os are you working on? And which client are you using? Desktop web mobile?
It is a desktop application of teams installed on Windows 11 64-bit

@sannanify are your windows notifications also enabled? As this could be the biggest issue if they are not enabled it could cause all the issues you mention.



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