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I'm looking for a best practice to use a Table of Contents in MS Teams.  I don't care if it's an app or a built-in function, but I want to be able to use MS Teams as a portal into my team's objects.  They could live in a site like SharePoint or a network share, or wherever.  Thanks in advance!!!!

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@sbjstewart Thanks for asking this question - I am interested in the response.

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@sbjstewart Add the resources as tabs, then they are only one click away.


Sometimes if there are more resources that is practical as a tab I go the SharePoint sites for the Team and create a pages and use the Quicklinks webpart to create a set of links to things, then add that pages as a tab.


I have also seen some people use the Teams Wiki Tab as a place to list down links, it doesn't look as good but is clearly very simple to use.