MS Teams Planner - assign task to the whole group

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can I assign tasks to everyone in the group other than clicking everyone one by one?




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No, not currently! There Will be better support for this when the new “tasks” in Teams is released soon

@adam deltinger 


Thanks Adam, in this case I'll be patient. :smile:




@adam deltinger 

Hi! I was just wondering if this issue has been solved

For now, I can only assign tasks to max 11 people, and I need to pick them one by one. It would be very useful if we could assign tasks to existing groups (or even better, already created Outlook groups).

Thank you very much!!

Also wondering if there is an update on this issue being solved.


I work in a school and setting a task for more than on student would be really useful (yes I know we have the assignments tool) because this would help with general tasks.



Its been 9 months since this was requested. It is important to be able to assign tasks to more than 11 people and in predefined groups, otherwise its not really "TEAMS" is it?

Any update on this suggestion?

@adam deltinger Any update? This should be a priority for education. #tagyoureit

@glascha Key feature, would be handy to assign a task to all employees, such as "Familiarize yourself with the Covid instructions."


This isn't necessarily an import feature, rather could be "create task to all O365 group members."


Please implement this MS.

@Amos AholaI'm not working for MS. I was initially opening this thread related to the Planner app.



My teams are falling apart to be honest. I can't assign homework at meetings easily and drop them on calendar and Planner in teams for teams... The whole point of planner is lost and l need another tool that will do's been a year waiting for any boost in number make it 20-30 now please! 

Going on a year now, and no update from MS. Scanning through this I find that I can't assign a task to more than 11 people. So I just spent the past 4 days putting out Strategic Plan into Teams and now I can't assign components to large groups? Oh heck!

Hi @JMcCorison   I found this in the tech support site.  Does it help? Planner: How it's possible to assign a task to the team, not - Microsoft Community

@ThereseSolimeno, Thank you for the link. Unfortunately it addresses integration between Tasks (Planner) and Microsoft's Project product. We are a small department and the cost of Project is something that we can not justify.
Was this solved because it does not work for me? The planner is not useful for our team without being able to pickup subgroups(or whole team for a start)?
need this feature, too, still no solution?
It is really a cool feature to be able to assign the entire group for a certain task, I wonder if this is on the roadmap of upcoming features
This is still an issue for our organisation. Is Microsoft doing anything about is?


Not doing anything about this to my knowledge.

So that MS would finally take a hint: the feature would still be valuable, in practice this would allow assigning the a copy of same task to thousands of employees (= all members of the Teams in question)  -> each one could individually complete it, and admin would see how big % of staff has done what they should.

Microsoft released "Updates" app which kind of does this.

But unfortunately they did not include the possibility to assign a Teams group to submitters, which fully voids the point.

Whomever is making these design decisions in Redmond needs to take a long cold shower.