Recent Powerpoint files not visible share file option

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When I select the share button in teams. I see the window were I can select share desktop, window or powerpoint files. But when I want to share a powerpoint file I always see old files and never the most recent ones. Is there a reason why teams is not showing the most recent ones?Of course there is always the browse option.

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I certainly see the same list in the Teams share tray as the Recent view in PowerPoint, could it be that your PPT is logged in with a different account?

I have the same issue. I am for sure logged in as the same person on Teams as I am in PowerPoint. The list of files to share with PowerPoint Live neither corresponds to my recent files in PowerPoint nor the files I've most recently uploaded to share with PowerPoint Live.

What this means in actual usage is that when I upload a presentation to PowerPoint Live, then I share my screen while giving that presentation, I am not able to get back to presenting in PowerPoint Live with *reuploading* my slides. It is very, very annoying.