MS Teams invitation list shows status as unknown although it was accepted

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Hi all,


we have an issue where a meeting isn't shown as being accepted by some team members, even though they did accept the invitation in their Outlook mailbox.

Wrong status:




Proof it was accepted:



For others, it shows correctly:



Any ideas that this might be caused by?


- Valentin

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Can you show this on the tracking tab in Outlook?
If there was no response from that user back to the organizer on acceptance of the meeting invite, it also shows status "Unknown".

Shows this:



So does that mean that the tracking only works, if a meeting is accepted WITH sending a response?



Exactly, this is not related to teams at all but Exchange/Outlook.
Access to the meeting in Teams is not related to having an accepted/tenative meeting.



Yes, this is very annoying. Even if the attendee accepts but chooses not to send a response to the organizer, Teams doesn't log the confirmation and it shows as unknown. Only if a response is sent does it show the real status. THis is a flaw because WHO WANTS ALL OF THOSE RESPONSE EMAILS?


I hope MS fixes this.