Microsoft Launches Expanded Reactions for Teams



Instead of being limited to five emojis to express reactions to Teams chat and channel messages, Microsoft is making over 800 emojis available as expanded reactions. Whether this will make any difference to the way anyone uses Teams is entirely personal. For me, I think I shall remain content by using the limited set available to date because it’s just too much hard work to choose from over 800 options.

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@TonyRedmond Something for everyone!  Thanks for posting this for those who like a lot of variety.

Hi Tony,
it seems, that the new Emojis didn't work in channel messages. I can use them just in normal chats.

Why? I didn't find any info in the web so far.

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I just confirmed that the new emoji set is available in channel messages. Your client software might not be updated.


Hmm, ok. This is our latest:  Microsoft Teams Version

But today, web client works. Yesterday, it didn't.

Maybe with the next version.

@TonyRedmond  Do we know when this will be fully available for everyone? PC and Office/Teams is up to date and they're not there. Others in my organization have it though.

According to an update to MC428506 (December) 1), the latest status from Microsoft is:

Preview: We will begin rolling out mid-September and expect to complete by late September.

Standard release: We will begin rolling out mid-December 2022 (previously mid-November 2022) and expect to complete by late January 2023 (previously late December 2022).

The recent emoji update, limits the amount of emoji reactions to one at a time, rather than previously, being able to fill the screen with emojis during calls. 
Will they re-enable the multiple, or blast the screen with supportive emojis?  

It was a fun feature to have and the many teams I support also enjoyed this feature. 

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As I don't work for Microsoft, I can't say how they might change Teams to allow the display of more emojis.

Hey @TonyRedmond. Why doesnt Microsoft extend this functionality to the in-meeting reactions? Ive found myself wanting to react with more than I the 5 emojis that are available during meetings. Maybe a customizable reaction bar with the ability to add more quick reactions? Just an idea but I would use it every day if I could.

If you're under a group, school or work account, the Organizer might have blocked some features.