New Teams and Teams Live Event- Producer Issues with Audio, Video and Codecs that started this week.

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These issues just started this week after we have consistently run over 500 Teams Live Events using the same methods.

1) A presenter joined a live event and shared out a PPT with audio embedded. Tested the PPT 5 times in the meeting before I hit the start button to make the meeting live and start the stream. As soon as the meeting started the PPT froze up and crashed. (This was always an issue with video's embedded in PPT during a Live Event but never had a problem with an audio file).

2) When trying to use the new Teams which just became available to our company this week I cannot click on the Teams Live Event and open it from the calendar. When clicking on that event either nothing happens or it takes over 30 seconds to open the meeting. Usually nothing happens when I click to open that meeting. Reverted back to old Teams so I can open Live Event meetings in the Teams calendar. (again this was the same result on 3 different laptops that installed new Teams on)

3) Most troublesome is that to play video clips during a Live Event we use a USB to HDMI convertor to stream video playing on a separate laptop using HDMI into the Teams Live Event Producer laptop. We then change the device settings in Teams (Mic/Camera) to the incoming HDMI feed. Starting this week as soon as others join the preconference in Live-Event the device settings will switch on their own back to Realtek Array, Logitech Cam/Mic etc and no longer recognize the HDMI feed under device settings. Even the options have changed this week when using the same HDMI/USB convertor we have used for 100's of meetings. 

Has Microsoft changed the codecs in Teams and Teams Live event this week? I've tested on several laptops that are now reverted back to old Teams since I am not even able to open meetings I've created in New Teams and I have the same issue. Again, after supporting literally over 500 meetings the past 2 years up until this week?

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We are having the same issues.  Also, Producer view not working right.  Send live, but the right screen lags several minutes behind despite the viewers seeing the correct screen.  Send to live and pray it is going out right! 


We have multiple producers all having the same issues.  We are working with MS to resolve but I will post the fix here once MS figures out what is going on. @david952 

Also having the issue with the Producer view extremely frustrating.

As long as you are watching the incoming feeds (webcams/content) and the red boxes highlight properly the feed should be good as I have been watching the attendee feed and all seems good. We just throw so many different content types out with multiple presenters that I don't need the stress in guessing.  And of course the attendee feed is delayed 8-10 seconds so if you were on the wrong source you wouldn't know it until it showed in the attendee feed. I'd say focus on the highlighted sources for now until Microsoft can tell us what is going on. @david952 

That is what I told one of our producers yesterday. Push it live and pray! Not how I like to run things!!! lol

@TomDavidson295did they ever give a fix to the producer window issues?  We have experienced it on and off for about the same length of time.  I have not produced a live event since before the holiday, but wanted to have an idea of what was going on before I am back in it next week.