Unable to join team meating

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When a team is started in a team in MS Teams, I don't see the button to join (attached image), only the information that a new meeting has started.

If I restart the teams, the button is visible.

This happens to some of colleagues, but not all of them.


Teams Version:

Tem a versão do Microsoft Teams 23320.3021.2567.4799.
Tem a versão mais recente. Última atualização em 12/21/2023.
A versão do cliente é 49/23111630010.
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@MarioI9P I would suggest to clean cache of teams and try it again.



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Thanks for the sugestion.
Today it worked but I had just restarted my PC, I'll wait another day or so before mark the post as solved.
I think that cleaning the cache helps but only for the first or second day, after that the issue keeps coming back. Any more suggestions?
Today I notice the message "Reunião em "General" terminou", this is sayng that the meeting in the team "General" just finish. The problem is that the meeting just started.