Make transcription optional when recording meeting

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Hi everyone,


we enabled transcription as a feature in Microsoft Teams.

As it is a useful feature sometimes, our colleagues want to turn it on as an optional feature.


But when they hit recording - the recording and transcription is started. Normally in "english" as our installation of OS and Office is "english" but mainly our meetings are in german.


Is there any way to allow transcription but not to start it right away? I only see disable or enable.


Best regards


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Hello, I actually agree that this shouldn't be happening by default just because one allows cloud recording and transcription in the meeting policy. It hasn't always been this way, previously you had to turn on the transcription feature. As for the config of language part this should be coming "soon" as it's a requested feature, at least I hope so.

There are many requests in general for these things at the new Teams feedback portal, go and vote on the ones that you like