Unable to search for users with full-width names using half-width input

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For users who use full-width alphanumeric characters in their user account names, searching with half-width characters will not result in any hits.
For example, a user name like the following exists.

"Tom / Smith, Thomas".


In Teams, typing "tom" in half-width will not result in a hit.
If I type "tom", it will be a hit.

Other 365 applications (Outlook, Flow, SharePoint, etc.) do not distinguish between full-width and half-width characters, so even if entered in half-width characters, the search will return a hit.


It is inconvenient that only Teams distinguishes between full-width and half-width characters when searching, so please make it so that it does not distinguish between them like other apps do.

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Looking at my ASCII table, I don't see anything called a full-width and half-width characters. Sounds like you are mixing some sort of different fonts or something that I've never seen before.