I accidentally created 2 Free Teams Accounts, how to merge or delete?

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I accidentally created 2 Free Teams Accounts with the same name, how to merge or delete?



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Hi Sven thanks for reaching out. AFAIK you can't merge them, but here is the guide for how to delete them


Delete your Teams Free (classic) organization (


And here is how to close the associated Outlook account if required


Close your account (


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard 


That worked. However, now I have a new issue. The duplicate account is deleted. But somehow I can also not login anymore in my original account now. I already asked the admin to invite me again, but without result. 


Request Id: d2d849cb-4217-4fbb-800d-021125392401
Correlation Id: f416df98-6b18-4f66-a233-081e4f01d804
Timestamp: 2021-12-31T07:35:50Z
Message: AADSTS50020: User account '*****' from identity provider '' does not exist in tenant '******' and cannot access the application '5e3ce6c0-2b1f-4285-8d4b-75ee78787346'(Microsoft Teams Web Client) in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account.

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Ok, Azure Active Directory can take some time to propagate. But here is what you what you need to do


1.) Get the admin to ensure you are completely removed from Azure AD. They will need to check the deleted item bin and remove it from that 

2.) Wait a day or so and they add you again as a guest with your address

3.) When you have done that, or if you have done that, Test logging in on an incognito browser or a browser where you have flushed the cache.


Best, Chris