How To Stop 100's of Outlook Calendar Invites From Teams?

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Does anyone know of a way to stop calendar invites from Teams, or to filter them in Outlook to stop them showing up?

The calendar invites that show up in Outlook are different every time/per team so they can't be easily filtered.


The reason: We are using Teams for our School, we have a number of Admin staff that have been made Teachers/Admin of every single class team so they can audit/keep track/help in class situations.

This means every invite to a class that is sent from each Team is going to these staff, clogging up their calendars/inbox.


Any ideas of ways to get around this?

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There really isn't a way to differentiate the invite as the calendar data is stored as part of your mailbox.
Depending on the subject line, you might be able to add a rule to move them to do something with them this article might be a start. Good luck!

@MitchC  I am also looking for this answer several days could not find a good solution.

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@MitchC Hello, if I understand your issue correct I believe this can adjust the behavior you're describing (as you need to check the associated group/groups underlying settings).


"Send copies of group conversations and events to group members if you want members to receive copies of group messages and calendar items in their own inbox."

@bipinprakash Will the invites still show on the calander? My administrator is being bombarded with our classroom invites and wishes to send those invites somewhere else. 


Your admin could just add a secondary smtp address to his account and do a simple rule to move them all to a different folder. The invites should still show up on the calendar. You can also set the meeting invites to be auto accepted but unfortunately there is no granularity in which senders you can auto accept or deny. Good luck!

@MitchC Try this. It worked for me (fingers crossed because 2020 :sad:).


Go into Calendar and right click on an event/class invite.

Click DECLINE and then click SERIES (you're offered Occurrence or Series).


You should now have deleted the "series" of invites to that event/class meeting. All of the invites should be deleted from your calendar. The invitee will get an email notification that you have declined the event.


Hope this helps!

@LisaBennett1971 Is there a way to join a Teams meeting after declining the invitation?