How to Limit Access to Recorded Meetings from Members

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I am hoping someone can assist with confirming if there is or is not a way to create the following system..


We currently use TEAMS video for teachers/students during virtual class days.  We have a re-occurring meeting scheduled for class days, and keep the cameras on for the entirety of the class session.  We download attendance reports at the end to double verify student attendance. 


We have been looking for a way to record these sessions but not allow members (students) of the group to see the recordings.  We only want the Owners of the group to be able to access them.


I have been told by our IT Company that there is no way to prevent the members from accessing the meeting either from the General Channel or from Streaming later.  However, I just cannot believe Microsoft would have such an obvious missing component to the security of their recordings.  I have done a lot of research, but a lot of what I have found is not quite what I am looking to achieve.  I am finding a lot more information on how to prevent members from being able to record (which is a feature I already have set up).


Is this possible to achieve?  And if so, in a way that is not incredibly complicated or involves steps each and every time the meeting starts (many of our Instructors are not super tech savvy and I do not want to add stress to their mornings!)


Thank you for any help or guidance. 

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Your It department is right. The only thing you could do is create a flow and set specific Rights but be aware this can get messy. Or create a flow to move the recording to another library in the same teams site where only limited people have access.