How do I stop teams from going away and muting itself if I'm not actively using it?

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I'm in a job where there's a mix of downtime and things I need to respond to quickly. But if I'm not actively using either Teams or Outlook constantly (despite that I don't need to do so to do my job), Teams will set me to away and then just not notify me that I'm getting new messages until I tab back.  I've seen suggestions for ways to keep the computer awake, but this happens even if I'm actively doing something that just doesn't involve using a microsoft product, like if I'm working in our app in chrome.  It also happens if I get up or look at something else; Teams just won't deliver messages to me or notify me that someone's trying to reach me until I'm no longer listed as away.  Currently I can only stop it from going away by tabbing back and clicking on either teams or outlook every 5 minutes.

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If you are the only one experiencing this I would say reinstall teams. If the whole organisation has the same problem I would report a ticket.