NEW Teams Version - Remember to bring back "Contacts" in Chat

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Good morning!

I was able to download and activate the new version of MS - Teams...Looks good so far...

But "Contacts" @Chat is missing in this new version....

I am not able to see my managed contacts anymore....

Please remember to bring this MAYOR feature back in some way when you release this
new version for all people......

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@OL_Peter_K You can view some of the progress made here Known issues in the new Microsoft Teams desktop client - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn.


I also brought this issue to the table at the product team as more clients face the same issue. And it is on the roadmap to be implemented.





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Dec 2023 and the New Teams still doesn't have this. There's the People App (which takes much more screen space per person, no good for large lists, and doesn't show presence status) and there's the option of pinning chats (pinning is slow, and doesn't alphabetise the contacts).

Contacts was the easiest way to quickly recommence a chat with a specific individual. The Chats section gets choked up by meeting-related chat rooms.

Do we have any update on this feature being brought back?

I use the "Contacts" regularly to group people I have worked with from different teams together so that I can easily find them if I don't remmber their name.  It is much quicker than trying to search the directory.  Not having this feature is majorly crippling.


I ask, like others, do we know when this feature will be back?

Please, bring back the old "contacts" to the "new teams"...
Agreed I just started using the new version of Teams today - I actively toggled between my fav contacts and the chat (as you noted it gets clogged up) - driving me crazy that my fav feature is missing.

Same here. Got the "new" Teams today. 

I wonder how they came up with the idea of removing such an essential feature in a collaboration app?
It would be like not being able to create folders or rules in Outlook.

Switched to new version today, quickly switched back, hoping for a fix to this, but I see there is not.  Having a side bar for "contacts" as I have organized them, by practice group, with the ability to see status of said person on Teams is VITAL to my daily work.  The decrease in productivity that will occur as a result to my specific practice area will be significant.  I will be keeping the old version for as long as I am able.    

Who on earth thought getting rid of this vital feature was a good idea? obviously someone with too much time on their hands and thought 'what critical functionality shall we take away today to justify my existence?'!


Please bring it back with its own icon instead of being bundled with chat - and ensure the presence icons are there - that is critical too


Thank you!