How to invite additional attendees to a meeting without sending an update to all

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I have a Macbook. I host a big meeting on teams twice a month and there is always at least 1 person who has left the company or another 1 joined. How do I update the meeting invite without sending the update to ALL?


Seems like a simple thing, but cannot see how to do it. I also have Microsoft Outlook, but there is also no option to do it on there.


Thanks everyone!



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Hi @JennySommet

See here

Outlook should be able to do this, if you open up the meeting in Outlook (Desktop) calendar and remove or add attendees then click send update it should give you an option to send update to all, or send the update only to added/deleted attendees. You would pick the latter option.

I would be shocked if Outlook for Mac didn't have this functionality!

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  No it doesn't give me that option - puzzling! I have outlook for Mac version 16.40.



@Christopher Hoard  This was a feature prior one of my last OS updates. It not longer comes up.



Hello there is a solution to this:

1. Open the invite in MS Outlook

2. Click on "Scheduling Assistant"

3. Click on the "Add Attendees" button (you can also delete attendees at this step)

4. The Address Book will come up and you can remove names from here and add names including optional attendees

5. Click on the "Send" button

6. The choice will now come up to send to deleted/added attendees or to all attendees.


And that's it. Good Luck.


I have this exact issue as well. Being a MacBook user, I use Mail, Calendar, and Teams but not Outlook.  

If I go to Outlook on the web, there is no option "Scheduling Assistant".

And if I try to forward the invitation, the page hangs.



I have the same problem. I'm unable to stop notifications from going out to existing attendees. It's very annoying and also looks unprofessional.

I feel terrible for spamming people's inboxes,