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Is there a way to hide the meeting attendees? When watching a shared screen in a meeting the panel at the bottom which is lising the attendees takes up a lot of space 

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You can enter in full screen mode that hides everything except the screen being shared

Hi @Smeagol from what I gathered it is not possible to enable the full screen mode from the meeting popup window (what a shame!)


There are 3 workaround nonetheless (from worst to best):


1/ You can manually extend the window passed your screen limits so the participants toolbar doesn't display and your caller's screen appear wider. Do so by dragging up the upper limit of your window and recenter the window after


2/ You can press ctrl+"+" and ctrl+"-" or ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom in and out of your caller's screen presentation


3/ In Teams Setting, under 'General', you can disable the option called 'Turn on new meeting experience (New meetings and calls will open in separate windows. Requires restarting Teams.)'. Afterwards you will be able to toggle on the Full screen mode during your calls (amen!)



Hopefully they add the feature in seperate window mode soon. It shouldn't be hard!

@Smeagol Click on the ellipses (three dots ...) and click on Focus (Focus on the shared content). This hides the attendees and turns the screen into kind of Full screen mode. 

Thank you @vkrish1330
Hi, this used to work well, but recently it no longer hides the attendees area and don't turn the screen into "kind of full screen mode". The attendees area is still here, but empty. Any idea what is going on? Thank you.
Same problem for me. Focus Content and full screen no longer works but used to.


Did it work for you? Does it not show participants in the final recording?

@Bindu_Babu The solution works for me (clicking on "Focus On Content" hides all participants.)  However, it does not hide the user's own image: my picture remains in the lower right so it prevents me from getting a clean screen capture or video.  To hide your own image, hover over it and three dots or ellipses will appear, click on that, and select "hide for me".


This is a real issue since attendees icons take up a large portion of the screen taking up valuable real estate. Now when I try to Zoom in, the texts for menus get larger but not the actual shared screen. 


How to hide a single participants' video feed when I am not the meeting organizer? When content is not being shared, it makes one attendees profile/video frame huge and I cannot hide it.

Sometimes the content of their camera video is distracting or even disturbing, so I'd like to be able to hide it.
I realize this thread was from Oct 2022 but now there is a new Premium license that Microsoft offers. IT allows you to go into Meeting Options and set a "Green Room" so the host and presenters can meet before the event and you can enable "Manage What Attendees See". The second takes all of the attendees out of the picture completely just like in Teams Live. I love using both together. There is an issue with presenters external to the agency connecting. They are only allowed in once the meeting starts.