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I have brand new Poly X50 (3.2.3-280012) with MS Teams App (1449/ .
The first problem is I can not log in in to app. The app hangs on login process.
The second is I have some doubt about app functionality. I was expeting it would be similar to that what we have for example with web app. I saw official you tube https://youtu.be/69hdfz4Rt1I .
The problem is You can only change volume or join meeting :( .
Is there any way to run such basic features like starting meeting or invite other users ??

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Hi @wuwik   You might consider reaching out directly to Poly's support team for assistance: Poly Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms | Poly, formerly Plantronics & Polycom

@ThereseSolimeno Reaching out to Polycom they say that the ball is in Microsofts yards since it's their application. Most functions are already available on X30/X50 per default, just not only in Teams.

@Mattias_Bilger@wuwik I am a product manager on Teams Rooms on Android, so I can help you solve these issues. 

1. Could you expand on your login issues? What kind of account are you using? What license? Do you get any error?  Would you be comfortable creating a test account for me to check out what is happening? 

2, Functionality on TC8 and Studio X devices. We are preparing a new update right now (current ETA is end of March). You can see the preview of what it contains here - Get started with Teams Rooms on Android - Office Support (microsoft.com)



@Pavel Yurevich Hi Pavel,

casting to Teams which you postponed from december release to may.


I'm thinking it's maybe better off running the devices in default polycom-mode and let the users cast their screens & run the Teams via their computer? Does it pick up the X50s camera & sound that way?



I have two MS accounts on the same e-mail, one is private and another was done by my company IT department. Teams app hangs when I try to switch acconut mode.
In general all the funcionality is very poor. If can only start meeting or invite participans is not much. The worst thing is You can only join scheduled meeting. If You want to join any other meeting without invitation it is imposible :(
Polycom and MS schould write that device does not support MS Teams but supports only a few features. That would be true.
Casting is indeed postponed. We are also working on HDMI ingest functionality that we are planning on releasing in the following release (current ETA May) pending last few fixes on our side and OEM integration.

I cannot speak to non-Teams modes on these devices. Sorry.

I cannot speak to the non-Teams functionality.
Thanks for the feedback. Let's go one by one:
1. Can you be more specific about what you are doing with two accounts? How do you switch them? Teams devices currently don't support multi-account setup.
2. This device is meant for conference rooms, so our initial scenarios revolve around starting a meeting and joining a scheduled meeting. Joining any meeting is coming soon also - we are working on this right now. What other features would you like to see sooner rather than later?

Hi @Pavel Yurevich, Is there any update on the March release of the new Teams version for Android devices. Please let us know if there is an exact date. Thanks. 

@Diegopro we don't have a clear ETA at this point, but public release is more than 2 weeks out. Here is the state of the things:

  1. Currently we are working with Poly to overcome some of the upgrade issues they are experiencing. This is on a day-by-day slip. 
  2. Once the issues from #1 are resolved, release firmware candidate will be promoted to our Beta users (aka Technology Adoption Program or TAP). It will spend at least 2 weeks here and maybe more if we discover some blocking issues that we need to fix before release.
  3. If all goes well in Beta, the firmware will be made available to general public. 

This is a big release, so it takes some time. I apologize for the wait. 

thank you @Pavel Yurevich, we will wait for your news when we will be able to perform the update. I hope all the BETA testing goes smoothly. Thanks. 

I have paired the Poly Studio x50 with the latest firmware, utilizing the below guide:
- https://community.polycom.com/t5/Video-Endpoints/Software-Poly-Studio-X-and-G7500-3-3-2-was-releases...

how I can open the MS Teams admin setting, which is the username and password?

Kind regards

Messaged you privately, Andrea.

@Pavel Yurevich Thank you, we have had the update of the device this Monday. We are testing the features, I wanted to ask if it's possible now to use click share with the Polycom device using the share option on the Teams meeting. I don't know if that was tested. Will be great to know, thanks for any reply. 

Could you explain what you mean? There is no option for HDMI sharing in this release. Content sharing from Poly devices will come in the following release.
We in our environment have updated all of our Poly to the latest version 4 days ago and we still find that there are intermittent issues while calling a room which is not invited in the original invite. It’s noticed that we have to call the room from a mobile twice or thrice to be able to join a call.
Praveen, can you message me directly on this? Ideally, please share a video of what is happening, version of the Teams clients on both mobile and room system, and export logs from Teams Admin center.

@Pavel YurevichHello Pavel, we have been trying to get Teams to work with the Polycom Studio X50 in "Poly Mode" for a couple of months, without success.

We set the unit up, to be able to use the 3rd part SIP, Zoom, and Teams. We are able to use both Zoom and the 3rd party SIP. When we add the "Favorite Contact" (which allows the Teams Icon to appear in the Screen, the response is "invalid URL) we can not find the proper URL setting/s to allow the Teams application to operate in tandem with the other applications. We reached out to Polycom and they referred us to Microsoft. 



Teams doesn't natively support SIP conferencing devices, however you can buy a gateway Cloud Video Interop service from a number of vendors, including Poly Realconnect.


Clearly if the device isn't in the native Teams mode Microsoft can't provide support, go back to Poly and ask if it will work with Realconnect. There will be a cost, from Poly.

@Steven CollierThank you Steven. Polycom only said the customer needed their OTD(One Touch Dial) service. There are several videos on line that also show the Studio X50 with speed dials on the screen, no mention of Realconnect but, I will reach out again.

Thank you,

Mike Hancock