Global notifications from Planner comments to Outlook (Exchange)

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I'm currently looking for an option to globally notify by e-mail every person that is assigned to a task in Microsoft Teams' Planner when there's a new comment added to the task (because, like you all perfectly know, there's no possibility to tag someone in comments). 


At this moment the full process looks like this:

1. The person X and person Y are assigned to Task 1 in Plan 1.

2. Person Y adds a comment to Task 1 in Plan 1.

3. Person X, to see the notification about a new comment in Task 1, has to:

- go to the;

- then select Plan 1 from the list;

- click More -> Plan Settings;

- select Send email to the group when a task is assigned or completed;

- then click "group settings" from "To stop receiving any group messages, select "Don't receive any group messages" in group settings" message;

- from opened in Manage group e-mails tab has to click Receive all conversations and events and then click Save.


Like you can see, the process is not that quick as it should be, especially when there's a lot of plans in your organization. You have to do the same process for every plan that is created, which is pretty much annoying.


Do you know any method to set a global setting (like Receive all conversations and events) for every task and every plan that is created and will be created on your organization?
Maybe some global setting for Outlook? Maybe for Planner?

I've checked a lot of settings in Admin Center and there's nothing about it.


Thanks in advance.


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@PBiernacki I hear you on this one as many others do as well, see the following UserVoice for Planner and notifications


I suggest you vote to push it up and to stay updated when something happens!


One of the weirdest behavior I must say is that you need to have made a comment on your own task (let's say you're the only one in it) to be able to receive an email notification when someone's has commented on your task.