External guest - unable to join a scheduled Teams channel meeting in my organization

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A guest from another 365 tenant cannot join a Teams channel meeting occuring in my 365 tenant.


When clicking on "Join the meeting" button, it doesn't allow him to enter it. Either he is kicked out after few seconds, either he simply cannot join. Strangely, it works well for all his collegues, coming from the same external organization.


Additional information :


I added him to the specific team where the meeting will occur ;

I also invited him to the scheduled meeting (he received an invitation in his calendar) ;

He is using the web app (Google Chrome browser) ;

He is connected to his professional account, which is fully licenced for Teams

He made the switch to our tenant, as he can see our teams, channels, private messages etc..


We have tried several ways : From the invitation link or directly from the app (web AND desktop)


I can't find any explanation, considering it works for all the others.


Thanks for your help !

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Hi, perhaps a bit cumbersome, but I would probably delete the guest user from Azure AD (and the bin as well!) wait 24 hours and then manually add the user to AAD again while at the same time sending the invite to the user to your org. When accepted, go to the Team in Teams and send the invite to the guest user.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I've been trying this as well, unfortunately it doesn't work either. The participant indeed receives a new invitation, to the environement and to the specific team and meeting, but still cannot join.

Furthermore, the same problem happened this morning, in another meeting. Another participant would get instantely rejected while joining. I really don't understand, since this same participant was able to join last week. He didn't change any setting, neither did I.

I am hosting several meetings a day in my organisation and it is the first time we encouter such issues.

Hello! As I understand it the issue is intermittent and they can actually connect before being rejected? You should open up a support ticket to have Microsoft analyze the logs etc.


Btw, you’re sure someone aint kicking them out?

Hi again,

It is indeed intermittent for some, and permanant for some others. Some simply cannot enter a meeting.

They can log-in to their 365 account, switch to my tenant, receive messages, documents, see the teams and channels they are invited to. But while clicking on the "join meeting" button, it refuses them.

They actually never entered the meeting. I see them in the lobby room, I accept them but then nothing happens. An error message " we couldn't connect you to the meeting'", or something similar appears. Sometimes, it just says "closing"

I believe it is a problem related to IT security settings of their company, depending on the department they work for.

Only solution I've found so far is to let them participate anonymously (which means without connecting to their 365 account). They copy-paste the invitation link in google chrome, and just join without log-in.

It is not conveniant at all because they only have access to the meeting itself, but well ... at least we can talk.

Thanks for your help anyway. I will tell you if I find a proper explanation.