Dial plan creation

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new to team and need to create dial plan for team for 5 office  with different Prefix,

ex. SG - Prefix 1 , HK -Prefix 2 


can any one help on the same ? 

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@meesushant You can create new dial plans at https://admin.teams.microsoft.com/policies/teamsdialplan/add. You can also configure prefixes there. Is there something specific you would like to know?

@pvanberlo i have below details and need to prepare dial plan for the same.


can you help 


Office LocationuserExtn Existing
SG 13001SIP
SG 22006 
Australia2002ISDN 30
NZ1005ISDN 30
IN2004ISDN 30
The details are a little vague. What are you trying to achieve exactly? I assume the "user" column is the number of users at that site? Usually Teams dial plans are required if you want to do things like extension dialing (4 digits versus the whole number), short codes, and the likes. Teams already has a number of automatically assigned policies based on the user country. I addition, dial plans, combine with voice routes and voice routing policies allow you to restrict user's abilities to dial different numbers, for example can somebody in India dial New Zealand numbers.

Provide some more details on what you're attempting to achieve, and we might be able to offer some assistance.