How to charge participants for Microsoft Teams meeting?

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How can we charge each participant joining the Teams meeting, just like it is there in Zoom? 



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There’s no way to do this with Teams, afaik!
You have to handle this with An external app or service and then maybe send them meeting link after payment etc..

@adam deltinger 

Thanks for the revert, however the link sent by this app/website can be then forwarded and MS Teams will have no way to ensure that only paid members are allowed.  

True, there’s not any control over this!

@adam deltinger it's been a year since that comment, do you know if there's any update?

I have the same question - will there be any follow-up on this? Many organizations are moving from Zoom to Teams for both internal meetings and outward-facing Webinars. There should at the very least be an option to charge fees for webinars.