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Hello everyone,


I work as an IT Support Tech in a company.


Today, a user came with a date format issue on excel but only in teams.


She tried to put a french date format in teams, but the software changed the date format all the time to put an english date.


When I opened the documents in excel in local, we could put a french format to a date.



Do you have any idea of where this issu can come from ?


Thank you in advance,



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Hi @thomasmartinez

There is a uservoice open for this here:

Would recommend you vote on it to push it up the agenda. It ought to be possible to view Teams in one language and have the date format in excel in another.

AFAIK the date format in Teams is determined by the language of the client. If you go to the menu (with the users picture) > settings > language can be changed here.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hello @Christopher Hoard 


Thank you for your answer.


I tried myself to do the issue on team, here is the point:


- All my account settings are in French.

- I want the format date to be in French, so this format: DD-MM-YYYY

- When I write the date in the french format in teams, the soft keep change it in english format : MM-DD-YYYY


- The format date in the soft settings is in full english.


In this screenshots, I wrote the date in french format, in the cell it appears in english format. In the row "Ajout" I add 15 days at the first date, and still add it in the bad format.  


I wanted to write "06/02/2020" as 6th February 2020.

Visionneuse de fichiers XLSX  Microsoft Teams.jpg


Visionneuse de fichiers XLSX  Microsoft Teams2.jpg


Thank you in advance.


Christopher & Thomas,

Please note that MM/DD/YYYY is an AMERICAN date format ONLY, absolutely not UK English (and this is what it has always been referred to in the computer community since I started encountering this problem back in 1983).


In the UK (That's England, Scotland and Northern Ireland) we use MM/DD/YYYY as you do in France. We also have our own character set and keyboard layout (437 / UK English spring to mind) which is definitely not a US keyboard layout or character set or a French AZERTY keyboard layout (which befuddles everybody outside France and the 'Doms').


Back in the early days of windows programming all 'Locale' (i.e. what currency symbol/date format/language etc.) information was to be obtained ONLY from the machine on which you are running the programme (i.e. NEVER the server). I'm not aware this ever changed as it makes considerable sense, but I'm not a programmer any more so can't be sure.


If this is the case though it doesn't seem to be working with Microsoft Teams. I'm getting US short date format (MM/DD) when my machine is set to UK Locale with UK date formats which are the same as yours in France. 


Advice on the forums is, as usual,  patchy with some contributors seeming not to understand that there is a difference between US & UK/European date formats and counselling that changing local settings will put it right (which it should but doesn't).


Ho Hum - best of luck

@thomasmartinez The only way i have accomplished this is to choose the column, and go to Format Cells and choose CUSTOM and then insert the format want mm/dd/yyyy or whatever date format you need.  




That's not English. That's American date format. It annoys us English too, because we use dd/mm/yy or yyyy

TBH I'm sick of the windows regioning always placing you in US despite what selections you make.
You use MM/DD/YYYY????? You're not English. it's DD/MM/YYYY in the UK. At least it has been since I went to School in the 70's


Thanks Bikky - where it says "In the UK (That's England, Scotland and Northern Ireland) we use MM/DD/YYYY as you do in France." I did of course mean DD/MM/YYYY, so call it an important 'inadvertent typo'.


My point is this - the date format of any windows programme that follows Microsoft's own rules should get it's locale information from the workstation and use whatever that's set to to display currency, date etc. The excuse for teams appears to be that because it's a cloud based app it has to be set up individually by each user. To me that looks like a rather lame excuse.....


With regard to Excel, I have this problem on one particular spreadsheet which I now believe to be slightly corrupt. It always thinks my dates are US and my currency keeps magically reverting to US$. My suspicion, but this is for another thread, is that the corruption has crept in because I share the spreadsheet with a colleague in India whose Locale, naturally enough, is Indian and that interleaved saves have corrupted the file. It is so badly damaged that I can copy the data from the affected sheets to a brand new correctly formatted XLXS and it takes the problem with it......
Hear!! Hear!! totally agree!

Maybe I'm a little late on the ball here :) but...

I have had the same problem with US date formats in teams and running teams in Swedish..... However, to solve this change the language settings for Teams in Teams on the web, then it will reflect in the installed application as well.

Has anyone had any luck fixing this? I've tried editing the language in the browser but still says it wants US format dates (I'm not in excel, trying to add a custom date column in teams)





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