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Hello. Where exactly does Teams pull its 'Contacts' list from? From what I gather at the moment, it seems to be the default 'Contacts' list present in Outlook. Is there not a way to import or add more contact groups in this view? 




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@BC-Cncf Contacts in Teams are a mixture of Outlook contacts and contacts that are in the Chat tab of Teams.  To add a new contact in the calling view, just click the "Add Contact" button at the top right.



@Jeremy Miller Thanks. We have certain contact folders within Outlook to which we update information. These are also synced to the users' phone contacts. Is there a way to have the same contact groups in Teams?

Same question here - we have subfolders in Outlook contacts and they are not visible in the Calls > Contacts list in Microsoft Teams. Any way we can configure where Teams pulls those contacts?

@MischaSzwe have the same issue. I would be already happy with an regkey to add specific Folderpaths for the Teams Client to look for contacts.