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Hello. Where exactly does Teams pull its 'Contacts' list from? From what I gather at the moment, it seems to be the default 'Contacts' list present in Outlook. Is there not a way to import or add more contact groups in this view? 




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@BC-Cncf Contacts in Teams are a mixture of Outlook contacts and contacts that are in the Chat tab of Teams.  To add a new contact in the calling view, just click the "Add Contact" button at the top right.



@Jeremy Miller Thanks. We have certain contact folders within Outlook to which we update information. These are also synced to the users' phone contacts. Is there a way to have the same contact groups in Teams?

Same question here - we have subfolders in Outlook contacts and they are not visible in the Calls > Contacts list in Microsoft Teams. Any way we can configure where Teams pulls those contacts?

@MischaSzwe have the same issue. I would be already happy with an regkey to add specific Folderpaths for the Teams Client to look for contacts.


We have the same request. We have a clients contact list in public folders. We need to be able to access these clients via Teams to schedule meetings and later use for telephony purpose if/when we migrate phone service to Teams.

@CBIT1090 Did you find a solution to this as we are facing the same problem. If I find anything I will circle back to disclose.




I'm working to solve the problems with Teams contacts with my app.

I'd love your feedback.

Public folders and shared contacts are somethings I'm looking into, but personal contacts folders and the org contacts are surfaced, as well as a few other things.