Conference ID Expiration

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I think my understanding is correct, but I was hoping to get confirmation. I read that Teams meetings expire 60 days after the end time (if you have an end time). If I were to schedule a meeting 180 days from today, the link to the Team meetings and the Conference ID for call-ins would be active 180 days from now (the day of the meeting)

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Yes, that's correct @pyrolite 

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Here is the Official Article for the reference with the Expiration Details 


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@RealTime_M365 Is it possible to change the expiration time of teams meeting links and teams meeting CVI converence-IDs?
Is this the following setting in the teams admin center:
Change the default expiration date (Meeting policies and meeting expiration in Microsoft Teams) 

Does anyone know if this is still the case. If I look here >, it breaks down the meeting expiration, however it does state that "Each time you start or update a meeting, expiration extends by this much time". So, it appears that once you start or update the meeting it extends again to 60 more days.

I am trying to verify if the dial in numbers quits working after 180 days altogether, or does it just keep extending by 60?