Is it possible to have a permanent meeting room that does not expire in 60 days?

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Is it possible to have a Microsoft Teams meeting permanent room that does not expire?  I use Teams for virtual educational conference each week with meetings at 7a, 8a, 9a, 10a and 11a.  Currently, I am creating a new meeting for each time slot, which works fine but then the participants have to click out and back in for each new session.  I would like to have one Teams link that I can reuse week after week but still have to option to invite different presenters for each meeting slot and have them be able to come and go during their time.  I cannot create a recurring meeting because each session has a different name and different presenters.  Recurring meetings work well when your not changing names or dates.  Once you start changing names it gets confused and will deny the attached conference room causing us not to be able to use the room to share presentations during the session.  There is nothing confidential that I need to worry about and I have no issue with others seeing the session or coming and going during a presentation.  I just need a permanent room that I can use over and over for the academic year (July - June).  If you have any suggestions please let me know.  Thank you

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