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When I am in Teams meeting I cannot see any of the participants unless someone is sharing a screen. All I can see is their initials in the circle.  when someone shares a screen then I can see everyone's faces.  Is there a setting I need to adjust?  

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Is it always like this for all meetings or does it comes and goes? It could be that you have some connectivity issues (not likely since you see video when someone sharing). 

There is an setting that allows you to turn off all incoming video, check so that one is not enabled.


If you still see this problem try to clear Teams cache.

Clear the Microsoft Teams Client Cache – Mark Vale (


It is like this for every meeting and I have checked the setting to turn on and off incoming video but it does not help @Linus Cansby 

Following. I had the same issues last week when using my browser for teams call (I need to constantly restart my computer for the app to work!)
I started having this issue after a year of Teams working fine. I discovered that if I joined a meeting through Teams by logging into O365 and going into Teams Calendar from the browser, I could see participants. But if I joined the meeting via my desktop Teams app, I would only see a blank gray screen even though participant video was on. The resolution was to go into settings for the Teams Desktop app and checking box for "Disable GPU hardware acceleration" . We also disabled Teams conferencing add-in integration with Outlook (I'm using desktop Outlook 2013).

I also cannot see others. I used to be able to, but now I can see my own video, but not others. I see only gray boxes with initials. I have tried various suggestions, but nothing seems to help. I need this for my work, so HELP!

With HP laptops try and put it on full screen you will be able see the other participants.
I've read about this issue many times in the MTC and a simple reinstallation has solved the problem. As the "solution" is quite simple I assume this has been done already since you posted a month ago? Please update the conversation with your resolution to let others know.
I have this issue too.
Experiencing the same issue. It used to work fine - incredibly frustrating
This fix "The resolution was to go into settings for the Teams Desktop app and checking box for "Disable GPU hardware acceleration" worked for me for a while, now the issue is back. I am on IOS, Macbook air.
I am in IT for a healthcare company. We host telemedicine meedings via Teams everyday, and this problem sprouted up company-wide just recently.
The remote doctors' cameras work completely fine. They can see themselves, but for some reason, the patients at the healthcare facilities can't see the doctors. Sometimes it's vice-versa.
If everyone hangs up, and the facility creates a new Teams meeting invite, everyone can see each other on the new meeting.
Sometimes just leaving and rejoining the original meeting works, sometimes it doesn't.
We have uninstalled and reinstalled Teams. No change.
There is no obvious pattern when/why this happens.

@bt0rr We are experiencing the same issue in our organization. There is no reason and it is only happening to some users. If you switch the camera setting to full screen or if available gallery it does fix the issue on that call without the need to reschedule or call back in. Not ideal but would like to know if this is a Teams issue and if there is any resolution.

This started for my organization around the beginning of July. It seems to fix if we turn the camera off and turn it back on. However, the executives are starting to experience it, too, and I need a solid fix.
Same issue. Hope there is a fix.
Same issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times and no change. @Pernille-Eskebo Please get your Teams working ASAP. It seems this issue has been going on for quite a while and no solution has been provided.

@norabora13 Same issue if following this guidance?


Clear Teams cache - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Followed all the steps from your link + quit Teams to restart (x2)+ uninstalled/reinstalled = still the same issue.
Does your camera work using Teams online?