Can you organize the Teams list?

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At my company, whenever anyone wants to start a project (no matter how small), they always create a team. I’m on about 50 teams, but I only ever interact with two or three. I would like to organize the list of teams. 


  • can I organize teams and sort them? Other than just “pinning” a channel? Ideally, I would be able to group a few teams together based on set criteria (such as project type). I would also like to be able to collapse a group to hide the teams. 
  • can you pin an entire team?
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You can drag&drop Teams in the list and rearrange them as you see fit. And you can hide Teams that you don't want to see in the list by choosing the corresponding menu item. Any hidden Teams will appear in a separate section at the bottom of the list.
You cannot Pin entire teams.