Install on Windos server 2019 RDS - Problem - blank

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Hey, hello, everybody. I have a problem with installing Teams on Windows server 2019 RDS. We are currently using the server as a terminal server for 10 users. We have installed MS365, where the whole office suite is installed, but Teams is not.

So I was solving the installation manually via a procedure:
--> After installing and running MS Teams (new version), I was given the option to log in. After logging in, there was only a blank white screen.

So I was solving the installation via:
Here it was a bit better, but after logging in and a long loading time I got an error

So I was solving via:
This gave me a message that the version was incompatible with the system.

The last one was through the command:
Dism /Online /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackagePath:<MSIX package path> /SkipLicense

But the same problem as the first variation...
How to get MS Teams for Windows server 2019 RDS (license - business standard )
Thanks a lot for your help... Bing failed me, it was not able to help me. Unfortunately neither ChatGPT.

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