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Hello, is there a way to see call que calls history?

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Hi, out of my experience here as we don't use it. But are you saying this isn't sufficient?

I did read somewhere about "missed calls" though. That they can be seen in the TAC under Usage reports and PSTN & SMS. But as mentioned, nothing I've done or can verify.
Thanks! The solution should be much simpler: admin sees in the call history in the app all calls that came in to the AA or CQ service number and which user answered it or the call was missed
As per previous reply. Hopefully Microsoft are finally seeing this as a major requirement in that companies are going to want to see if calls are answered etc. The CQD is still relatively new and was a welcome improvement on zero reporting! Hopefully, the new Collaborate Calling feature will be able to add to this so will be interesting to see what that looks like in practice
Thanks! It looks very promising
After latest update with ability to add team channel as a call queue, missed calls still do not register in the call history of that queue. Only calls that left voice mails are on the list. Calls that had been answered by the agent are listed in the calls section/history of the agent app but not in queue channel call history.
Pretty poor rollout from what I can see. I had a look myself yesterday. From the screenshots I've seen, I don't get half the buttons across the top. I only see All and Voicemail. I thought I would see Incoming to show calls waiting in queue. Missed calls do show but only after I log out of Teams and then back in again. Hopefully things will improve as I thought this would be a useful tool.
I confirm - the call history gets filled after I log out of Teams and then log in back. There should be a refresh button at least...

The new call queue view in the channel is also poorly available for me.
There is no possibility for a refresh of the call queue and the call agents display, who has accepted which call is not yet coherent.
I really hope that there will be an update soon, because there is not much you can do with it.

Just discovered another issue: in the desktop app channel call queue call history you see the name of an agent who answered the call - for some reason you see your own name even if another agent answered the call
Other Issue, the queue status of collaborative calling refresh after two(!!) minutes the app selection.
This is causing a lot of confusion on my reception team that is now sure to be registered to the queue.
DRplyco sums it up well. No missed calls and the Agent only see's their call history. The 'team' of agents is unable to see the collective activity, which I think it is the goal here. I've been looking at permissions to the Team and nothing comes to mind to solve this challenge. Could this be a bug?

@gdackerm any update to especially to the "missed calls"? I can see "All calls", but only the incoming calls will be displayd, and the voicemail.

In the Ignite presentation about the collaborative calling feature (min. 5:25) there is a slide where there are "all calls", "my calls",  "missed calls" and "voicemail".





It doesn't work for me. Is it a matter of waiting? I have enabled that 2 hours ago.
Sorry for the late reply, no improvement here. The operators only see their own history. We've been between two phone systems as a result. Going to dive into this with Microsoft support again next month to see if we can come up with something.

It looks like they just released a half-baked product and then just forgot about it ?!

Not even anything in the roadmap about adding the missing features. They call this collaborative calling but there are zero collaborative features like a shared call history.

@mcaldo: Same here: No chance to see which call agent answered a call. And also the missed calls are missing. So no real collaborating features here...

Tagging along, looking for this feature as well.

@DRplyco  - Hi, we have done a little tweak to see missed calls and this tool works pretty well to see missed calls in CQ, it's pretty straight forward, you can integrate caller identification (e.g. CRM/ERP if you want) and is pretty cheap (100.- a year up to 10 CQ monitored)....check it  out, there are also new features coming like a "Task completed" button, so the agents know if one called back or you can even add comments...



@Christoph Schoch we also missing internal Callhistory (Teams to Callqueue). Is your Tool also reporting this Calls?