Call detail records are lost when P2P is promoted to meeting

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Have you noticed that you are not able to see how P2P call has went between to persons, if they promote the call to meeting. Here is one example:


Most likely if I'm asking this from Microsoft they are saying this is "by design". I wish there could be statistics of how many times they have said that to support cases :)

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@Petri-X kinda makes sense, most of the diagnostic information get's written at the end of a call, however if you escalate to multi-party calls the peer to peer call doesn't end in the normal way.


Is this a major issue, I assume you'll get any data you need from the meeting's call records ?


But don't you think that the calls during the P2P are different compared to the meeting call? So isn't more better option that Teams ends those calls and uploads the statistic from those? Now they are mixing P2P and meeting calls on the same view.


No, this is not major issue :lol:

. . .until CEO have troubles on the P2P call.