People typing when not typing anymore

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For a few weeks/months now in Teams when I have had a conversation with somebody, after the last message they send I still get "..... is typing" while they are not typing to me anymore.  I think they still have the conversation selected, and are typing in another screen in another program. Is this something that is known?


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Hi, this is most likely a cache/delay thing. How does it look when using another Teams app and not the desktop app? You can always sign out manually (top right corner) and Quit Teams (right click on taskbar icon). These two will clear cache and refresh settings.
I have rebooted in mean time many times, does that have a different effect than quitting teams? Anyhow have tried that now and will see if it changes anything.
Yes, signing out and quitting Teams are different things than rebooting the computer.

@ChristianJBergstrom sadly no change, probably it is just me who should not notice it so much that somebody is typing to me :)

Could be network etc. too. But have a look in the other Teams apps if you see any difference in the behavior.

@Senti79  @ChristianJBergstrom 
This unfortunately seems to be a very common problem so you're not alone, Senti. I have the same issue and so do many others. See this thread: MS Teams telling people I’m typing when I’m not : MicrosoftTeams (

I really hope Microsoft can take care of this some time soon.... I'm wondering if they're even aware of it though given that it's been so long now.

@AramA123 Thanks for pointing me into that topic! I had already given up, but still seems no fix. Thanks