Calendar Keeps Dissapearing in Teams

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I have noticed that the calendar/meetings schedule icon keeps disappearing on my Teams for Desktop (version application.


This is also happening for the mobile version I have installed as well (Android and latest version running)

I have checked the Service Health portal and can't see this as a current issue.


Occasionally it will start to show again if I kill Teams via Task Manager and restart it again, but disappears again.


Anyone else noticing this?

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Calendar in Teams depends on Exchange Online mailbox, which subscription are you using?
E5 licenses across the estate for all users.

Use the fat client for Outlook running build 16.0.16327.20324 x64-bit. Rarely use the web version of Outlook.

No issues with the mailbox, just noticed the issues yesterday and today

@Brok3NSpear I have not heard anything about this one so I would report a ticket at MS.

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Did you check the behavior in Teams on web?

You can check if any feature is turned off under user's license.
M365 admin center > users > active users.
Select user > licenses and apps > apps.

Otherwise as Paul suggested, you can raise a support ticket.