Loading time of Camera menu in Teams meeting window

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I don't know if this is caused by a change in a recent update to Teams, me changing to a new laptop less memory and with Windows 11.

But recently, I am having some real problems with the long loading times of the Camera button in the Teams meeting window.

During a meeting, I use the Mic button often to mute/unmute as well as the ... More button to access device settings etc.

Now every time I move the mouser over the Camera button on my way to the Mic button to unmute or mute, Teams understands this as a hover operation and begins to load the Camera preview menu. Because of low memory, Windows 11 or another cause, this often takes 2-3-4 seconds, and then the Camera preview menu shows up.

This means, that the Camera Preview menu opens at seemingly strange times because of the lag/load time and even worse, the operations seems to be loading sequentially, so having clicked on the Mic button while the Camera Preview Menu was loading means, that the unmute operation will first take place/begin to load once the Camera Preview menu is finished loading.


This is a great nuisance. Please look into the behavior of the Camera Preview menu.





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