Blocked 3rd party apps still can be used by end users

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Hi, we are about to implement Teams Apps Governance and block some 3rd party applications. Today we see that some applications that are not approved by our internal policies are being used withing Teams.

What is the expected behavior after we block applications that are currently being in use by some end users? Will they be able to continue to use the applications? I read that in case users already added application in Teams, that blocking the app will not be applicable to them as it was already allowed in the past. Please confirm what is the behavior and how to restrict usage of the applications added in the past.

Thanks in advance.  

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Had to test this out to be sure. I added a third-party app to one user, and when I disabled third-party apps org-wide it was no longer available in that users Teams client. Was a bit of delay of course but that third-party app was now only visible as "request approval" to use. If you don't want the users to see that either you can use an app permission policy.
In my case I have added an app to my Team Client, then blocked via App Management. Waited 24 h and next day I was still able to use the App added in my Teams Client - it was not removed. The app indeed is visible with "request approval" option in app store but I can use it anyway as it was added before blocking.
Can you guide me how I can remove applications visibility (to not shows blocked applications at all in app store)?
Interesting, I suppose it depends on the app itself then. Use this kind of policy to hide the ones you don't want visible
My DSE told me that permission polices only restrict apps (request app is set) and these polices do not affect "visibility" of the apps in the store. Apparently this changed recently that there is n way to "hide" apps - only to restrict from adding. Please confirm.