AudioCodes Mediant VE setup for multi-tenant support with MS-Teams

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Hi There Forum,

I have one question and I hope I can be proven wrong.

Has anyone here actually without the help of Westcon or AudioCodes gotten the MS-Teams Multi Tenant configuration working from an AudioCodes SBC perspective.

When following their and MS documentation for the customer tenants all you need to do is to manipulate the contact header to their tenant SBC FQDN and the call will go to that client. (Calls to the primary/base/sp tenant works like a charm, that is the one you enable the proxy set with on Audiocodes)

I have tried that call gets no where, BUT if I do a Call-id header manipulation and add the client FQDN into the call-id I actually get the MS-Teams client to be alerted, but then I get the message the call cannot be completed at this time, and in the syslog files it comes up with a warning that it cannot find a matching transaction for response 100, 180 and 183.

If I follow the explanation below and example below and I only manipulate the contact header for say the call don't even get to that teams tenant.





So if I only change the contact header the call gets canceled from the providers side.



If I change the contact header to xxxxxxxx@sbc1.customer. as well as with a regex manipulation change the call-id from CALL-ID: to  CALL-ID: the call actually alerts the teams client but you get the Microsoft voice telling you the call cannot be completed right now, the client gets to call alerts you answer the first one you get the ladies voice, you answer the second one it seems like teams is trying to call the calling number back.



Incoming call with contact header and call-id changed to

  1. Alert coming in



  1.  Answer call (It drops on the far end with a voice saying call cannot be completed at this time please try again later)Sirkalliemarie79_5-1622529410913.png


  2. Once answered a second alert appears and tries to call the calling number back but nothing happens



  1. Now you have 1 call dropped and 1 call just hanging there



  1. And it registers in the call history as 2 missed calls.




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I've worked with a couple of vendors/telcos that have this kind of configuration without any issues.


I've looked over the details on doing this, but most of my customers self-host so I've not had to go through the details.


A couple of things worth looking at:


  • Are the SSL certificates setup correctly for the parent, and child domains (ie and
  • Are you configuring the SBCs under the client tenant?
  • Does Teams show the status of the SBCs?
  • Do you see Options messages being sent in both directions, and getting OKs?

Do you have more details from the logs? While the SIP flow is handy, there's sometimes details in the logs that show more details.  Have you turned up logging in AudioCodes to see if there are any additional log details?


What about outbound calling from Teams?

could you share the Audiocodes Syslog output of the scenario? 

I have the setup now working after 2 session with an Audiocodes engineer.
Could you share what have you changed during the session? We have the similar problem right now. And which MS documentation have you referenced?

@Yun_Lin655 @Sirkalliemarie

Same issue here, appreciate if anyone has an update. Thanks

what do you need, some screenshot? an INI file to help you?