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The quality of my sound (especially my mic) is REALLY Poor.  Same equipment is no issue in Zoom.  Any ideas?

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I have purchased a 400$ Jabra Speaker Phone built for Teams (has a TEAMS button) - I have the same issue - audio out is awful.  Clients are complaining......this needs to be fixed - 

Now I am on teams call on laptop - office network and on teams call on cell phone (for audio) and Teams is not working to properly block all the video in the phone and my data usage is skyrocketing - so I am paying for teams and double paying on data for each call and the audio still stinks!

I have Sony MX4000 with the same problem (in my case i hear poor audio in the speakers as well) .
In most cases reconnecting the headset to blue tooth solve the problem. In some cases i need to repeat the above 2-3 times.
Note that the speakers are working perfectly on other apps before connecting to team conv. and after hearing the poor audio
Our Gen5 Lenovo Thinkpads with the Coxenant onboard Audio ALL started doing this in the middle of October. Coxenant went out of Business in 2019, so there will be no new Driver updates. They sound TOTALLY muffled in Teams Meetings and are unable to hear when the other person speaking also has a Lenovo Thinkpad Gen5.


3 years later and this is still a bug in MS Teams.
If there just was a setting to make the sound settings to fu** off it would be probably fixed. But im starting to think that this is still a thing because MS want more money then you got, and want you to buy a certified headset for some bad made application. I have used alot of different applications for meatings and this is 100% the worst.

This is still very clearly a thing.  I just tested with my entire team, and horrible audio quality.  BUT with one person using chrome fixed it.


However if that chrome person left the meeting, and returned using the teams app, THEY sounded like they were in a toaster, and heard poor toaster audio quality, but everyone else talking to each other was unaffected and sounded fine to each other.  


Microsoft, you need to please fix this.  It is known and can be replicated, please fix.





When Teams have ruined your sound quality, there is an easy fix, which works for me every time:


Open Settings in Teams ( click 3 dots next to profile picture).

Open Devices tab and click "Make a test call" button.

Wait a few seconds while the test call is executing.


Problem solved and sound quality is back :)

I have a logitech BRIO and the call quality is TERRIBLE with the Brio mic. If I use my laptop mic, the problem is solved. But there's something with Logitech and Teams working together that breaks the sound quality.