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The quality of my sound (especially my mic) is REALLY Poor.  Same equipment is no issue in Zoom.  Any ideas?

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By mic you say that other people complain about how you are sounding?
the speaker sound bad to?
What kind of speaker/mic device do you have?

@adam deltinger-- Sorry for not being clear.   Connected with"  Logitech BRIO HD camera (with audio disabled) and a pair of Apple Buds (wired).  With both Zoom and with the old SFB, call quality was great.  I was clear, and I could hear others clearly.  With TEAMs, when I test the call quality, and when in a live call, there is tremendous white noise and I sound very muffled.  I have tried multiple settings/configurations to no avail.  

Can you verify that the sound gets better with any other device / headset you have?

Does other users have issues with bad sound quality also?

Are you using the web app or the desktop client?

@adam deltinger-- I have two sets of the same Apple headphones (sorry nothing else to test with) and both are equally poor.  Other users are not nearly as bad as I am (I hear some white noise with them at the start of their calls but it seems to get better during the call).  I have tried both the web app and desktop client.

I’m thinking if this could related to the network! Have you tried doing a call from other network location? How about other people? Are they on the same location?

There’s no guarantees apple AirPods will sound great! That’s why they have certified devices for Teams! Although they should work ok! If used a pair myself in Teams calls

@CindyGibson what is it like when you use the laptop as the mic rather than the airpods? What if you use Teams in Chrome rather than the desktop version?


Are you an admin in your Teams portal?  You can find a lot of call history detail in the portal now.  We use it to diagnose call quality issues quite a bit.  



Hi Cindy,


Did you ever find a solution to this, I have a customer with this exact same issue, different hardware has the same issue and all work fine in Zoom and Discord. Only affects one user and I've tried multiple locations / network connections with no change. Issue persists in browser and in client but only affects Teams.


Anyone have anything new on this? I have experienced the same thing while trialing.  I've noticed a bad quality of audio when someone calls in via the conference bridge (they are really quiet) and someone is using computer audio for Teams.

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My solution was to get a certified teams headset.  Zero issues since I did that.  The model I picked was the Blackwire C435-M for Microsoft.   (It ran about $100).  It is not wireless, but I may try that in my next tech purchase.  I had tried a Jabra that was supposed to switch between computer and iPhone and I had a lot of problems with that and returned it.  I think the Teams Certified rating on the hardware might be key to finding one that works well across the different platforms.    Hope you can resolve your issues.


See my response I posted today

@CindyGibson  - receiving the same issue. Just installed a new webcam/mic combo, have used 2 different headsets, 2 different earbuds, and they all sound terrible. Did a video conference call with 6 others, and even their audio quality was terrible. Tried a zoom call with all these devices, and they all sound great.  At this point I just think its the software being a pos.

Hi @CindyGibson,


I had the same issue on the Teams Desktop application. Using Teams on Google Chrome In-Cognito resolved the problem for me. This is definitely a problem with Microsoft Teams.



Adil Yoosuf

lol.. This is listed as "Best Response" - Paying $100 dollars for a headset specifically for teams? That definitely not a solution. Oh well. Just going to make sure to not use teams for this in the future.



LOL on your comment.  BUT the headset I got is not specific to Teams.  It works with Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting without any issues.   Only issue I have is that I am still hardwired into my computer.  I am going to try a wireless (but certified) device next.  I though $100 was a reasonable investment to sound professional in a Work-From-Home situation. 




Hi I have some done digging and check this out...

This morning I was listening to some music on my computer and then joined a teams video chat. As soon as I entered the call the audio quality on my music dropped right down - \


Somehow, teams is affecting the audio quality on the entire device - which in turns results in really poor audio when you share from desktop.


As soon as I close the teams chat BOOM audio comes clean again...


See attached link - this is a prime example of what’s happening to the audio


Teams audio issue

When you start a video call teams actually changes the entire sound settings from 48k to 16k mono!!



Hey mate, it the wait in MS teams is transporting the audio


The compression placed on the channel is really **bleep**. They are over compressing 


I have made a virtual sound card to correct this issue but its still not great@CindyGibson 

@troyjansen I was wondering if you could share the link below again? I received an error message when I try to open the message. 


@troyjansen, I'm having the exact same issue since I started using Teams back in September 2020. Have you managed to find the solution yet?