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I have question regarding adding second SBC to our multi-tenant setup. We have carrier tenant and one SBC. We have SBC on carrier base domain for example teams.domain.tld and every customer has it's own subdomain like customer1.teams.domain.tld. It has public IP address, certificate and everything works.


Now we wanna add second SBC to configuration. Is it enough just to add second SBC into DNS with same name as first one but with different public IP? And also add DNS records for customers pointing to that same Public IP? Or do we need to add it with different name, different name for customers and add it to carrier tenant with New-CSOnlinePSTNGateway cmdlet? What is the correct procedure?

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In case you are adding the Secondary SBC in multi-tenant environment I would recommend to have it configured with a different name, different public IP Address and add the secondary SBC to all the customers Tenant.

This will ensure that the users from different tenants will have multiple routes and SBC to route the calls even in case one of the SBC is down.

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