Replace a Audio Conferencing bridge toll free number with one supplied by a 3rd party

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I’m trying to replace the Microsoft Toll free number supplied in the conference bridge with one supplied by our direct routing Telephony provider. This is so that we stop using Communication Credits whenever somebody dials in on the Toll-Free number.

I have tried following the “On-Network Conferencing for Audio Conferencing” approach but found that this is not possible as it does not replace the telephone number in the invites.
Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the MS Toll Free Number sent out in Teams invites with one supplied by a third party?

Many thanks in advance.

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Yes this is possible to replace the number provided by Microsoft with Third Party Providers. There is only selected provider which is approved by Microsoft. Below is the information for your reference.

Plan for Operator Connect Conferencing

Additionally In case we want to remove the Toll Numbers from the meeting invite you can also release the numbers from the Teams Admin Center > Voice > Phone Numbers and release the numbers associated with the Audio Conferencing.

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