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I'm creating a meeting within Teams where I would like to "Add Channel" and the channel I would like to add is a private channel.

I'm able to navigate through all my public channels, although I'm unable to locate any of my private channels.


How do I add my new meeting to a private channel?

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You can’t schedule meetings in a private channel!
You ca. Only do a meet now!
Adam's right. Solution here is to vote on the open voice

More votes pushes it up the agenda for the product and engineering team

Hope this answers your question!

Best, Chris

@adam deltinger Awesome, Thank you


Yes another poorly executed product by MS, so close but always missing a critical piece that makes it a pain... I hope they fix this oversight soon.

There is a workaround for this at the moment. See here

However, natively, we are going to have to wait a bit longer

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Unfortunately that work around makes your private channel vulnerable to others joining, as anyone in your org can get in via the link generated if they are provided it.

Absolutely, hence it is a workaround. I wouldn't choose to do it personally but the question was can you? And the answer is yes. Not all private channels have confidential information, and not all are used to lock others out. It is an informed choice, so a reason not to do so is, as you say, you are exposing it.

The native functionality doesn't have a timeframe so it's either that or using a public channel, or a different team to do so

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  - added my two-pennies' worth to the link you shared.


Fingers crossed!

@pbrand195 Typical Teams foul up. Create a Channel for a sub-team to work on a project. Make it Private so that only the sub-team members will get the invites then you can't invite them!