Now in Public Preview & Targeted release: Teams Discover Feed


For all features, refer:  What's new in Microsoft Teams Public Preview & Targeted Release - Microsoft Support



The Teams Discover Feed is a personalized, relevance-based feed of Teams channel content available in a scrollable view for undirected channel content, intended to solve information discovery and awareness issues for Teams users.


Discover Feed brings customized content that helps you catch up on people or topics or channels you are interested in, in your team or the broader organization.


Discover Feed surfaces channel posts of interest to the user based on the people they work with or the topics they might be interested in, which they would have otherwise missed out on. It is any content which users are not explicitly notified through mentions, replies, tags etc. or they don’t need to triage on an urgent basis but based on topics of interest or people in the network that the content covers, it is still interesting/informative and adds value to the user.


Some additional features the feed provides to give users control–

  • Users can see why the post is relevant to them, along with the feedback mechanism to share with the product -if the post was useful to them or not.
  • Users can control the content they view on the feed from the ellipsis or three dot menu ( …), users can even choose to stop seeing posts from the specific person or channel.

Flighting status

Enabled for all the users in Teams Public preview and M365 Targeted release for Desktop users.


How to enable

Note 1: If you need information about enabling the Public preview or Targeted release itself, see “Enable your Teams client for Public preview or Targeted release” section below.

Note 2: Admins and Users do not have to take any additional action to enable the feature.


1. Users can start seeing the Discover entry point in the top left corner in the Teams tab, in the beginning of the channel list.



2. Users can see why the post is relevant to them, along with the feedback mechanism to share with the product -if the post was useful to them or not.





3.Users can also control their feed from the 3 dots (ellipsis) by disabling posts from a person, topic or channel



4. Users can use the settings icon on top right in Discover surface to change their preferences –



5. If all the relevant channel posts are seen by the user in the session , then the user will see the message “You’re all caught up".




Supported clients and platforms





















How does this feature impact the existing experience?

In the Teams tab , Discover button is added on top left above the channel list roster


Known issues

No known issues


Known limitations

No known limitations


Enable your Teams client for the Public preview or Targeted release

  1. To enable your Teams client for the Public Preview, IT administrators need to set an update policy that turns on Show preview features. Learn how at Public preview in Microsoft Teams.
  2. For Targeted Release, global admins can go to the Microsoft 365 admin center and choose to give a selected set of individuals access to Targeted Release, or they can enroll the entire organization in Targeted Release. Learn more about setting up the release option in the admin center here.


Summary of Public preview/Targeted release features

For a history of features in the Teams Public preview & Targeted release, see What's new in Microsoft Teams Public Preview & Targeted Release - Microsoft Support


Send us your feedback 

Got feedback on features in the Public preview/Targeted release or other areas of Teams? Let us know straight from Teams via Help Give feedback This is on the bottom left of your client.


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7 Replies

Just showed up in my Teams Nav bar and I spent a while trying to find documentation and stumbled across this Blog post. I tried to adjust my settings using the Gear in the Discover Feed and it gave me an error message. "No user preferences found"


I also tried using the ellipsis at the Author Post in the Team and there is no option as described in your bullet #3

I haven't subscribed to any notices from this Team so not sure how Analytics decided to push to my Feed.

How long does it take for the Graph API or the other AI you are using to expose preferences for me to adjust?  If that is not an option, how can I disable "Discover" without removing myself from the Preview Features?  Being in IT for my Org means I have to stay ahead of these things before users start asking questions.


Hey @Forrest Hoffman , can you please recheck and confirm if the issue still exists?  On clicking on the 3 dot menu, you should see "Don't see this post again" , "Don't see post from Person Name/Channel Name " which can help customize the feed. This customization on feed content would immediately start reflecting on your feed. 

To see the types of posts you’re hiding or to unhide posts from people/channel, select the Settings cog on the top right, and click the X next to the posts you’d like to unhide.


With respect to Disabling Discover, we do not have that option yet. The team will evaluate it based on the feedback we receive in public preview. 




Yes, the options are there this morning and many more Posts now in the "Discover".
Most of the Posts are more than 3 days old. If I keep hiding them will the AI or Algorithm start to Learn what I think is worth reading or does it decide on it's own and I have to live with, or ignore?

@Shikha_Varshney I do not care for any suggestions Microsoft has to offer or "smart" features in apps. How can I disable this discover feed entirely?

Hey @skrake2080 , 
We do not have an option to disable Discover Feed right now. 
It's in our pipeline for evaluation and will keep this post updated on the decisions made regarding this. 

The algorithm will take into consideration user input when users select "Hide this post" or select "Don't show post from X channel/person".
If you do not have relevant posts worth reading, you will see "You're all caught up."
For other users reading this: Upvote this
To Chaitra and team - I do not think mandatory evaluation of your function is a smart way to do it. It's only a nuisance to users. The function in it self adds no value what-so-ever. The created teams for organizing communication couldn't possibly benefit from mixing it all up again disorderly? One main reason for organizing communication in to teams and channels is to make it more efficient and easy to choose when you want to get informed or informed others.
What is the purpose?