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New Feature! Integrate PowerApps as a Tab

Published Jun 08 2017 11:33 AM 14.9K Views

Microsoft is pleased to announce that you can embed PowerApps as a tab in a channel in Microsoft Teams. Now you can bring the no-code custom app experience right into your Teams workspace to elevate your team productivity.


PowerApps gives you the ability to quickly build apps that suit your needs - building on skills you already have without the need to write any code. You can create apps that connect to data on the cloud or on-premises. You can also share your apps with your co-workers across the web, and mobile devices. See how it works.





Since PowerApps is included in most Office 365 plans, you can get started with it today. PowerApps can help business users extend the data that they use everyday, to automate processes or just make the data more actionable. Customers across business segments like Integrated Power Services (Services), NASCAR (Entertainment), National Trust (Charity) and TransAlta (Utilities) are using PowerApps for their business needs.



In the example below, I am going to show you how I built an app for managing our devices checkout process:


Step 1: We already have the following SharePoint list we use to manage our devices on our team



Step 2: I click on the PowerApps menu option and click “Create an app”




Step 3: Type in a name and click Create



Step 4: The app gets created automatically and launches PowerApps Studio for web for further editing. The app contains screens to view the list of devices, details of a device and a screen to checkout a device.




Step 5: I can make changes to the app using my existing skills, I change the list view to show the device name instead of the current owner, add the device image on the details screen and make the checkout screen easy to use. Learn how easy it to customize the list and forms.




Step 6: Save the app by going to File > Save and close PowerApps Studio for web


Step 7: Go to my Teams channel, click on ‘Add a tab’ and select PowerApps




Step 8: Search for the Device Checkout app, select it and click Save to add the app as a tab:




That’s it, now the app is running in our Team channel with the ability for any member of our team to checkout a device from within Microsoft Teams. They don’t have to go searching for the SharePoint list anymore.







Go empower your teams to achieve more using PowerApps and Microsoft Teams, you can learn more about PowerApps at





Cool stuff @Ankit Saraf, but one small bug for you :) The PowerApps tab is currently being treated as an External App. If you have that setting disabled in the admin center, the PowerApps tab is not available even though it is most definitely not an External App.


@David Rosenthal - Thanks for the feedback, will raise it to the team.

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Hi @Ankit Saraf, I tried reaching you at the PowerApps blog at:


but comments are closed!


Now please look at this discussion,


Although in the first link you have said that, if I share a PowerApp within Teams, Team members would be able to USE that App, even if CDS is the datasource, your colleauge states that users need P1 licence to be able USE PowerApps I have shared with them.


You know this is unfair if it is true! What do you think?


Hi @Deleted, I have replied to the discussion.

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Great capability, PowerApps just keeps improving from it's awesome start!

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Hello I cannot see PowerApps in the Tab, can you please help me?




@Silvano Paxia - Can you see the other tabs like Polly and Visual Studio? It may be that your administrator has disabled tabs, please ask them to enable them via the Office 365 admin center.

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@Ankit Saraf thank you so much!


It worked!


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This is GREAT! I pitch teams as our one stop shop into Office 365. Now being able to implement Powerapps for specific functions makes it even more useful.

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Great, thanks !


@Ankit Sarafwould be very useful if Teams would send group ID in the URL, so PowerApps can take it and know the context. At the moment PowerApp does not know where it runs.

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This is awesome feature @Ankit Saraf, thank you. How do I modify the url to my app in teams so that I can add parameters?

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