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The Microsoft Teams Developer Platform crew was busy at Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference on May 10-12.  We had so many new stories to tell and partners to talk to, we’re just now getting our voices back. 


With so much new information, and a big update to our Developer Platform documentation, I wanted to point out some of the highlights now available in our new Public Developer Preview. 


So let’s start with that: 

  • Introducing Public Developer Preview - Now you can play with new documented features like the ones below before they are released to the general public. For more, please review this great write-up by Mansoor here on Microsoft Tech Community.
  • Introducing Microsoft Teams apps - Now with a single package, you can distribute your entire experience (bots, tabs, connectors, and more) to users, via the Office Store or by sideloading to a team.
  • Support for Third-party Connectors - Build and deploy a Connector as part of your Microsoft Teams app, and take advantage of Actionable Messages support. The great thing is: your Connector will work on both Outlook and Microsoft Teams!
  • New Capability - Compose Extensions - Now you can allow users to query your service and insert rich cards directly from the chat compose box. No more switching over to a separate window or tab.
  • New Capability – Personal Tabs - While channel tabs are great at allowing teams to customize your app experience to their group, personal tabs allow you to create a view customized for an individual user.
  • Enhanced Bot Support - Our bot platform continues to add features you need to light up the best possible Microsoft Teams experience.  Here are a few new ones:
  • And importantly, Office Store Integration - One of our key announcements is our upcoming integration with the Office Store for Microsoft Teams apps onboarding and discovery. Now you have a way to get your experiences into the hands of the millions of Microsoft Teams users around the world. 

And oh, so much more.

Next Steps

If you've already been playing with our platform, make sure you turn on Public Developer Preview, and review the new features, like the new App bar and Discover apps experience.  If you want to take advantage of the new capabilities like personal tabs, you’ll need to migrate over to the new v1.0 Manifest schema - take a look at our cheat sheet on migrating your old manifest to v1.0.


If you're truly just getting started, review our developer platform documentation and check out our brand new Design Guidelines to get inspiration on how to make a great Microsoft Teams app.


Our Developer Platform can only reach its full potential when it's used, pushed, prodded, and mastered by developers like you.  As always, we look forward to hearing from you, on how we can help you make products that allow our shared users to achieve more.

Questions or comments? Email microsoftteamsdev@microsoft.com


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