Introducing the new Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium

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The workplace is rapidly evolving, and as we’re emerging from the time of “remote everything,” it’s clear that the ways we stay in touch and collaborate are also changing. The workplace of the future will accommodate hybrid scenarios in which some people may work from the office while others may work remotely, or some fluid combination of the two. Organizations will need meeting rooms that serve as hubs for hybrid work.


Effective meeting room experiences enable users to start or join a meeting quickly for maximum productivity. Proactive management, real-time monitoring, and remediation keep rooms functional, up-to-date, and secure.


Today, we’re excited to launch Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium. This offering builds on the Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard experience and management capabilities available from the Teams Admin Center by combining intelligent software, dedicated experts, and enhanced insights from across organizations to continuously improve the meeting room experience.


With Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium, we provide 24/7 management and monitoring of your room operating system and software, surfacing insights and alerts around any action needed on-site and taking remote action on your behalf as permitted. Today’s offering is just the beginning, and we look forward to expanding with additional premium experiences in the future. 


Using Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium and leveraging our partner ecosystem, we can address all your meeting room operational needs including: 1) great device setup, 2) ongoing management and monitoring, and 3) on-site support.

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Let’s take a closer look at the core components of the offering:


24/7 Intelligent operations
Around-the-clock software and machine learning to automate updates, detect and manage incidents, and scale rooms efficiently.

  • Real-time monitoring to quickly detect and troubleshoot issues
  • Automated update management saves you time and resources
  • Real-time alerts to notify you where and how to act
  • Proactive remediation resolves certain incidents on your behalf


Dedicated experts
A team of experts provide 24x7 service operations, tiered support, and incident resolution assistance.

  • Incident diagnosis with prescriptive guidance on cause and actions required
  • Automated and support engineer assistance on troubleshooting
  • Single point escalation support for all hardware vendors
  • Integration with ServiceNow


Enhanced insights
Benefit from rich analytics, reporting, and proven learnings at scale across many customers.

  • Proven learnings at scale that continually improve the operational experience
  • Reports and dashboards on daily operations and room performance including inventory, room health, and room reliability
  • Insights and recommendations on room usage and incident trend history
  • Full transparency on all operations taken on your behalf, and alerts that need your attention using the dedicated admin portal

Our partner ecosystem plays a key role in helping us bring these end-to-end meeting room experiences to life. The rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams and increased demand in meeting rooms represent a significant opportunity for partners to grow their businesses with meeting room offerings and to assist customers by providing additional services, capabilities, and on-site support. We’re excited to announce collaboration with partners—including AVI-SPL, Datavision, NTT,, and Yorktel—who plan to integrate with Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium as their engine for Teams management, while offering additional solutions and value.


Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium is currently available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (excluding Quebec), Denmark, Finland, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

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Hi, experts, will the users still be able to use the Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium portal free of charge if they handle the warnings/issues by themselves?

It´s great to see how Teams is evolving!

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@Microsoft_Teams_team Will Premium also be able to manage Surface Hub Gen 1 and Gen 2?

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I will offer some answers but I am not an authoritative resource 
@Ricky_Deng - Teams Room Premium is a paid service only. Companies will pay a license per room to be registered in the Teams Room Premium portal, once a room is registered, you can add people according to roles.

As an example - you could license 100 rooms and you can register any number of users as managers of the solution. 


@Jonas Back I have heard that Microsoft intends to support Surface but I have not seen any official word or roadmap to reference. 


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can you please advise what sort of alerts will be monitored by Microsoft. do you have list of those alerts?

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I can share what I see in the portal but only Microsoft can provide a complete list 


Tickets are currently grouped into 5 categories, I've shared those 5 and some of the ticket types we have seen, again not all possible ticket types. 





Account Management 

Skype Sign-In

Teams Sign-In

Exchange Sign-In


Hardware and Peripherals

Conference Speaker

Conference Microphone






These will be any customer reported issues and can be for any issue. 




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I would like to understand with "MTR Premium License" do we still need to add MTR device using Intune and mark them as managed/compliant device? or with the license automatically these devices are tagged as compliant devices.
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