Today we are thrilled to announce Templates in Microsoft Teams, enabling you to create effective teams faster and more easily than ever.

With Templates in Teams, users can choose from a variety of customizable templates when creating a new team, helping them get started quickly. IT professionals can also create new custom templates for their organization, allowing them to standardize team structures, surface relevant apps, and scale best practices. Templates in Teams will roll out in the next few months.


Create effective teams quickly
Teams are the atomic unit of productivity in the workplace—and in Microsoft Teams. A well-designed team brings together channels, tabs, and apps that combine into something greater than the sum of its parts. Templates in Teams bring together those exact ingredients to help users create teams quickly for effective collaboration. Let us show you how.



When creating a new team, users soon will be able to choose from a variety of customizable templates depending on the purpose of the team. Options will include common team types like event management and crisis response, as well as industry-specific templates like hospital ward and bank branch. Templates are standardized team structures that come with pre-defined channels, tabs and apps—providing an effective team structure out of the box and helping users discover relevant capabilities.



Users will be able to customize the team name, description, and channel names when creating a team from a template.



After the team is created, users will receive guidance on how to best use and further customize the team. Each template will come with its own getting started guidance.



Initially, we will publish 12 first-party templates spanning key business scenarios and industries so that users can hit the ground running with Teams.

Create new templates for your organization
In addition to leveraging first-party templates from Microsoft, organizations can create their own custom templates to fulfill unique business needs. This allows IT teams to take proven team structures for common scenarios and deploy them at scale across an organization. From the Microsoft Teams admin center, admins can easily create new templates from scratch, modify existing templates, and even templatize an existing team.



During the creation process, admins can define the channel structure, tabs and apps that make up the new template. By packaging relevent LOB apps* into templates, IT teams can effectively surface them to the right members of the organization.



All templates, whether first-party or admin-created, can be managed and modified from the Microsoft Teams admin center.



For end users, templates created by the user’s organization will appear at the top of the list of available templates during team creation, making them easily discoverable. In the future, we will release policy-based controls that enable admins to target templates to specific users.



Templates in Teams are important building blocks for IT teams and partners to build custom experiences for their users. We can’t wait to see what templates you’ll create.

*Apps that are packaged into templates will still require users to possess the requisite licenses.

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Great addition! Highly requested!

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This looks awesome! Lots of great features coming 

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When is the feature going to be available?

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So excited this is finally arriving! So many industries need something to make their collaboration and productivity work for them. 

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Cool! I didn't see any mention of SharePoint, will the templates include a custom SharePoint site? For instance if we always want a custom issue tracking list for projects could that be included?

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Finally the much anticipated feature. Wondering how this works with AIP Sensitivity Labels that we have enabled. Will the template allow you to configure the appropriate sensitivity label?

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Kill your custom player with fire!

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I hope you'll be making your existing EDU templates available in the Commercial space. There are many, many organizations (think also of many, many partners) that deliver training (think "training on how to use Microsoft products") such that EDU organizations may only be a small portion of the organizations that would benefit from these features.

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Great!!! Any info about timing/roadmap? (and scope)


Great addition! Long awaited to easily create templates

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This is definitely a nice addition, thanks for this great extension! 

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Can you add a Project Management template? There are a lot of PM’s currently managing projects via teams during the epidemic. Would be a great feature to have even as we start transitioning back to the office.

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This is great inclusion will be highly needed for most of the Companies and orgs that are looking for standards in regards to Teams and its settings, i am not sure when is the ETA @MicrosoftTeamsTeam secondly I have another question where and when we will get a kind of preview user options where we could be a tester for most of these latest features same like windows insider or office insider builds I know for Teams there are some TAP but that has its own NDA, etc highly appreciate yours response on this @MicrosoftTeamsTeam

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Great tool, looking for template management for a long time. This is needed more for SharePoint (this is where document management takes place) than for Teams. Unfortunately teams manager just focuses on Teams.
If this tool gets into the hands of techies only, the risk is very high that you end up in a couple of months time with hundreds of templates and the end user community is lost differentiating which template should be used for what and how they differ. Governance is necessary and a diligent team (business and IT) based on clear rules, when a new template will be defined. Also the ownership of the templates is necessary. Otherwise the saying "a fool with a tool is still a fool, making disaster happen faster" is very valid. 

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I notice in the article admins will be able to target templates to sets of users (presumably via policies). What about controlling who can create a team from scratch? 


If a template is loaded up with some startup content, a Planner tab, or customized channel file permissions, will those be carried into the new team?

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It's a great feature!


It will be much easier for the end users to setup the proper Team settings and from the admin point of view, it will reduce the number of misconfiguration follow up -less Azure Sentinel Incidents! Add compliance and security for the organization.

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Finally, a feature requested by many in Teams, but that already exists and also better than the one coming...
As I can see, there will be no automatic provisioning of the teams created with the content (for example files, planner with tasks, apps content, etc).  Also, the governance policies will not provide the same end-user <> IT experience.

Today we can already do all of this by having fully provisioned teams (channels, tabs, files, apps, members) and stronger governance policies with Salestim.

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Been waiting for this in education but disappointed in how it is lacking.  For Education, Files and content being missing is a major missing component. I my environment, each Program cohort has its own Team. Each Team has multiple learning modules (channel). Each Channel Has its own teachers with their own developed class notebooks and teaching resources (from pre-Teams). Cohorts from the same program share many resources and now we will need to replicate them manually instead of being able to indicate during the template build whether or not we want to include them in the template.

Ideally, having the optional ability for each Channel (learning module) to have its own class grade book , having assignments separated by channel (instead of all assignments in instructor view being in one pool) would be much desired.  MS should not be thinking that each instructor has their own team for every class taught. MS should not think that instructors create teams. End meeting only happens when the organizer (scheduler/team creator) ends the meeting. Designated Presenter/Instructor should be able to End the meeting. Also only meeting organizer/scheduler can get the attendance report. The burden on the instructors for reporting class attendance has not changed. The class organizer/scheduler should be able to designate additional organizer/presenters (instructors).

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Great feature ! looking for template management for a long time. Any information about the roadmap?


@BarryCoombs @Jan van der Heide It will be available in the next few months! Initially we'll ship the ability for end users to choose a template during the create team process, and the ability for admins to create new custom templates for their organization. In the future we'll ship richer functionality like Template policies for improved IT manageability.


@hoderd The initial set of 1P templates that we publish will not come with pre-built SharePoint sites! 


@ShaneGibeault We will include a project management template when this feature ships!

@KarinMock  Thank you for feedback! Absolutely agree that governance is key. Initially only admins will be able to create new templates. In the future if we enable end users to create templates, we will build in the necessary admin controls and policies to prevent unfettered creation of new templates.

@brkcanada Thanks for the question! Initially, only admins will be able to create new templates. Initially they won't be able to pre-load content/files into templates, but we are working on enabling that in the future. 

Can not wait to get my hands on this one :) 

curious if an approval process is included 

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This will be an excellent addition to our tool kit and combined with Site Designs it will help to reduce the need for PowerShell scripts and premium services such as HTTP Requests within PowerAutomate or Logic Apps.

We just need Site Designs to catch up with the PnP Template code to reduce reliance on premium services :)



Have you remembered the rest of the Office 365 Group this time? Templates for Teams will only be of any use if they cover the associated SharePoint site, OneNote notebook, Planner plan andand other apps which get created with the Team. For example, SharePoint version control settings and custom views, OneNote sections and pages and Planner Buckets and tasks. This could be amazing, but I don't see how it's an improvement on what we already have (create from existing Team) if the above aren't included. 


@Max Shen  -- re your response @hoderd - to confirm, we will  not be able to have a customized SharePoint along with the team?  I have a desperate need for both that compliment each other with SharePoint being a public facing site to be replicated with few changes ( with content and actions)  but the team being a template of work steps and chat that are all very similar regardless of the team.  A real loss if I we can't do that. 


Also, would you please address the comment by @Oz Oscroft,  "This could be amazing, but I don't see how it's an improvement on what we already have (create from existing Team) if the above aren't included. "  So what is the improvement?  


Thank you. 

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Is this GA? Has anyone seen it in the wild? Dates?

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This is a good start for sure. But, a template, as they are configured now, does not bring over any content or tabs (the tab "stubs" are there but the owner must configure each one). What is needed are these capabilities:

  • copy the configured tab and its content (eg, if pointing to an in-team document) to new team - all tabs should be configured and working where possible
  • create a new plan if a plan tab is in the template
  • copy all current settings, folders, pages, etc. in the modern sharepoint team site underneath the team
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Hi, I have a class of students who need to be randomly paired by threes to complete a number of different negotiations. Each of these 3-party negotiations needs a separate channel and I find I'm spending a lot of time creating all of these channels. Is there a way or an app that can take all the members of a team, automatically generate the needed channels, and randomly assign students to them? 

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@Shona630 a power app could be created and tabbed into your team to do this. Probably not that difficult to achieve.

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Thank you, @brkcanada  for your reply. That would be so great! Could you direct me to some information on how I could do this?

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@Shona630 well, if you are not a power app person and are not familiar with the Office Graph, you have some learning to undertake... does your school division/district have people that can help you with this? 




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@brkcanada thank you for the info and links. I'm not a power app person and don't even know what the Office Graph is, but I love learning new things and enjoy a challenge. I'll look into it, thanks again!


Can we pre-specify a doclib for the SharePoint app? Or (say) a spreadsheet for the Excel app?

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Cool feature.


Like some others have pointed out it would be nice to have the option to copy content into the new template.  Example you fire up a new project it creates channels and populates them with content, we can do this in SharePoint.



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Any date for this feature to be rolled out? We are planning Teams deployment for next academic year and it would help us a lot.



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Hi community! 

Any update on when the feature will be rolled out? 


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Along with the Channels will you be able to have some documents in the Channels as part of the template?

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This is a huge help! Will it be possible within a Team to have a Channel template to set up projects, too?