Stream Video not Preparing

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I am having trouble accessing the video I just recorded. After recording and pressing "finish" the video started preparing and quickly froze the preparing process at 50%. It has now been over an hour and I am hesitant to refresh or close out of the app fearing that it will delete entirely. 


Any tips on how to fix this? How long does it normally take to prepare an 11 minute video? 

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@elenakennedy1998 Just wanted to let  you know I am also experiencing the same issue as you.  I noticed the error the same day and I only have a short 4 minute video.  If there is a workaround, will post. 

So I discovered in our Tenant that the screen recording functionality does not work using Microsoft Edge. However, if I use Google Chrome to record a screen, stream was able to generate the video I was creating. Suggest you try Chrome. In my experience a 20 MB video takes approximate 4 minutes to prepare. Good luck