Simple Video Edit features - Cannot trim anymore

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We have been using Stream Classic for a while.
We did appreciate the feature to trim 10 or 20 seconds from a Teams Video Presentation using Stream Classic.
Now when in the Stream for SharePoint pages, the words ' edit ' or ' trim ' are missing.
I would be really grateful not to need to open Adobe Premiere just to trim my Microsoft Videos.
Alternatively, I could use VLC but I would like to stay in the cloud and not have to download video locally just to clean up a meeting video twice a week.

Has anyone found a valid or logical explanation as to why MS would remove a feature that was working fine?
When there is not another 'simple' Microsoft Video trim edit tool ?

Trim a video in Microsoft Stream (Classic) - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Learn

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Not a reply but the same request - we also need this feature (trim a video) asap. I could trim the Videos from my Meetings with our specialists and offer them as tutorials. This week our company has ONLY Stream (SharePoint) version no possibilities to use classic.
@Pernille-Eskebo Stream Team: could you please give an aswer to this topic: When is that feature going to be made available. This feature is very important and very helpful.
Also backing you up here this is poor. I have a meeting that someone left running too long and someone stayed in the meeting all I want to do is chop that off and I have to download it and use another tool. Then upload it back to share point.

@Pernille-Eskebo please fix this!
@Pernille-Eskebo I second this. It is becoming burdensome not having a trim feature on the new Stream (On Sharepoint) Please come up with something.
We definitely need this feature back ASAP!
The product team is working on two solutions at the same time for this and we are hoping to see them both show up before the end of the year. The first is similar to what you are saying you have to do now - use Microsoft Clipchamp. (It is in Preview as an Enterprise app and is expected to roll out GA by the end of the year.) The second is they are working on adding a "hide" feature that uses metadata to hide content anywhere within the video - but it doesn't literally cut anything out of the file. This will allow you to "trim" or "hide" as many sections of the video as you want to. This is in development and hopefully will also roll out by the end of the year.

Per the Stream product team, their analytics didn't indicate that Trim was used that much. However, it is the most frequently asked question to the team on migration calls and they are working on it. The development just isn't going as fast as we would like it to.
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