Add to Playlist from Sharepoint / Teams site?

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In stream sharepoint in a video there's this great add to playlist option in the mneu


but it doesn't let me select from lists in various sharepoint sites, specifically the ones i've created in my MS Teams sharepoint site.   Thus other users can't add to a list i created unless they've already worked with it in and it by chance shows up in the "recent lists" section of this



am i missing something? is there a way to nav in this add to playlist modal to an existing playlist in a shared site?

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FYI seems like this was added recently, BUT it never seems to succeed in my experience always failing with a notification that the playlist could not be modified.  I'm able to nav to the playlist and add the video to it so it's def not permissions related

We have already added support for all Lists from SP sites as well. The list of SharePoint sites can be seen under quick access, and you can also view 'more sites' that takes user to all the sites. Can you share a recent screenshot of what's failing at your end (error message) to help me understand more on this?

@Debaray every time i add to an existing shared playlist i get this error


If i go to the playlist and add the item from there it works fine, so not permissions issue.


adding to a new playlist works fine too

This is an unexpected behavior. Thanks for highlighting this, we would recommend you use the workaround as you mentioned above and parallelly raise a ticket on the issue so that we can take a deeper issue on the logs.
yeah opened a ticket with us cloud, but it's been in diagnostic limbo for a while. there another place to open a ticket?
Can you help me with the support ticket id?
this is now functioning correctly! not sure if you did anything to help it along, but very nice.